Meike Fleskens


With great passion comes great vision, and there’s definitely no lack off, with this passionate Art Director. Meike is Amsterdam based, but travels the world for editorials, commercial jobs and border-less inspiration.
The things we surround ourselves with become the fundament of our artistic vision. And this creative brain will use her worldwide inspiration to create an image, a dazzling campaign, or new identity for you.

She creates concepts and content that combine trends and ideas into inspiring images, just like you need. With the help of her visual model, she communicates a story in a bold, surprising and convincing way.
(All in an ethically responsible and sustainable way, the standard for Meike.)

Westerdoksdijk 527
1013 BX Amsterdam
+31(0)20 620 0333

Eric Elenbaas | Founder & Managing Director

Linda Brouwer | Head of Bookings

Rosan Bleijendaal | Account Manager