Misha Kratina


Misha is an art director, sculpture, and multidisciplinary artist with a background in graphic design, multimedia (University in Prague), contemporary art (Gerrit Rietveld Academy), and filmmaking, specialized in documentary & fiction (The University Of Amsterdam).

Currently, next to freelance work, she is also working at luxury jewelry brand Bibi van der Velden and fine jewelry reseller Auverture based in Amsterdam.

Art direction is for her a way to express feelings in an image people can relate to. Choosing the right people and the right medium can translate the story into an impactful message. When you feel something, the other person’s world becomes tactile. Art has been always a mirror to our existence, the bigger reflection of history and social change. Talking about luxury fashion and jewelry, we are talking art. Misha has always been interested in various subjects (from art, philosophy, literature to science), therefore she is able to convey one message in intrigue but not in an obvious way. Her connection with art and cinematography is strongly embodied in her aesthetics, imagination, and unique storytelling ability.

Misha is also part of the artistic duo VENUSHE where they are using a multidisciplinary approach exploring women’s topic of faith in natural forces and incantation, the healing power of hope, but also of solitude, despair, and cruelty. Their connection with folk traditions is strongly embodied in their aesthetics, imaginary, and unique storytelling ability.

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