EE Creative Studio finds its origin in the EE Group. An united front including EE Agency, L”Elue Collectif and EE Creative Studio.

EE Creative Studio is a creative production studio. We bring experience, expertise, professionals, concepts and treatments together, resulting into an imagery made to fit our clients.

We aim to bring the new into our treatments with a collective of the best creatives in the industry. Thanks to this mixed network of talented professionals, we can assure that the clients brand look and feel will be told and shown in an innovative, inclusive, unique way.

It is the result of a transparant cooperation with our network and client. We accompany the client through every step of the process. From the client’s briefing to the first treatment until the pre-production, shoot and after-handling.

We understand all of the project needs, maintain a creative integrity within the clients budget and guard the vision to develop and produce the best outcome.

We are one united front which makes us unique and can therefore utilize our network in various fields, in-house and external. To connect our client to the best professionals and final application in imagery.

Do not hesitate to give us a call or sent an email if you are curious for more information.

Thank you.

Westerdoksdijk 527
1013 BX Amsterdam
+31(0)20 620 0333

Eric Elenbaas | Founder & Managing Director

Linda Brouwer | Head of Bookings

Rosan Bleijendaal | Account Manager