Buddha to Buddha


The visual concept for the Buddha to Buddha campaign focuses on telling ‘unconventional’ stories. We celebrate the stories that make life special, with each other. We’re creating stories where the different personalities can be who they are and settings they feel at home in. This is where they can truly be theirselves and tell their stories. You are you, that’s the norm!

Being real is an expression of power and strength. We show that strength in this campaign. Buddha to Buddha is a brand that prioritizes real stories. They want to make a difference by giving untold stories a stage. “We make the jewellery, you create the story” is the focus throughout their brand.

Real feelings, real personalities and real stories. We make a connection on an emotional level. We deviate from the well behaved, because the unconventional doesn’t color between the lines.

We create 6 different storylines, with 8 different people. Every personality focuses on their own story and what makes them stand out from everything else. Their unexpected stories are at the front.

The treatment and production resulted in 3 master videos, 10 short videos and 6 bumper videos, including model story photography and stills. All were used for the online Buddha to Buddha Untold campaign.

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Eric Elenbaas | Founder & Managing Director

Linda Brouwer | Head of Bookings

Rosan Bleijendaal | Account Manager