Dante 6


We wanted to show the consumer, the brand Dante 6 is more than clothing alone. The power lies in the different types and the diversity that Dante 6 offers. This diversity should promote inspiration. Therefore, we chose to make a brand movie instead of a brand book.

The message
We are claiming a new world; a female future. It’s about being a boss, that dares to lead. Being an artist that owns her creativity, by being a woman, a supporter and a friend. Because we are moms, daughters, sisters, bosses and leaders. By building a connection between women and looking back to the past to see where we came from. We analyzed the present and focused on how we can change the future, together.

For the Marrakech campaign, we collaborated with three different women from different backgrounds and with different future goals. They all relate to the industry and own their place in society. They were raised by women, criticized by them and inspired by them. The campaign will be an open conversation about their experiences.

End result
With each storyboard, we addressed a different momentum of the campaign. All these momentums got captured in two campaign images and 10 second video clips.

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Eric Elenbaas | Founder & Managing Director

Linda Brouwer | Head of Bookings

Rosan Bleijendaal | Account Manager