The EECreative Studio receives a concept briefing from the client.
We sit down with our team of experts and have a first session in creating the right applications. This results in a first treatment which we will present.



Based on the clients feedback, we will develop a full treatment.
This can be a concept, brand identity visualization in print or online, shoot production and or more. During this phase we will also identify the team members, and compile a first cost estimate.

As soon as the client approves the treatment and cost estimate, the Creative Studio will start the pre-production towards shoot day. 
We will take lead during this process, whilst working closely with our client. This way we believe we can work efficiently and transparently.



After shoot day, we offer full service of the imagery applications after handling. We can therefore ensure you the best result and outcome.  After this final process the client will receive the applications accordingly to expectations.

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Eric Elenbaas | Founder & Managing Director

Linda Brouwer | Head of Bookings

Rosan Bleijendaal | Account Manager